Mexma Food strives to have a positive impact on current and future generations with regard to sustainability and sustainable business practices. We care about our planet and our people. That is why today we work together with customers, suppliers and organizations to improve the sustainability of our business activities and products. For Mexma Food, People, Planet and Product are therefore the most important pillars.

Recent achievements

  • Primary packaging reduced by at least 16% per pack
    Tortilla waste 100% reprocessed
  • Elimination of palm oil in our veggie wraps and in
    our Food Service range
  • Reduced all incoming and outgoing transport
    movements and limit them where possible

Our goals for 2023

  • SMETA certification
  • Reduction of tertiary packaging material by 15%
  • Determination (by an independent third party)
    of our current CO2 footprint
  • SMART target setting for realizing a reduction of
    our CO2 footprint. The first reductions are already
    planned for 2023

Our goals for 2025

  • Introduction clean label tortilla
  • Reducing energy through solar panels and LED lighting
  • Switch to mono material (LDPE) for primary packaging,
    making the packaging easily recyclable