About Mexma

Mexma Food, part of the Dossche Group and located in the Dutch town of Kerkrade near the German and Belgian borders, produces an extensive range of tortillas. In addition to traditional wheat tortillas Mexma also produces tortillas with 100% whole grain, multigrain, 35% vegetables, different types of herbs and flavours that are exported to countries all over Europe and even beyond! Mexma stands for quality, Mexma stands for smart, Mexma stands for consistency.

Our vision

To be the favourite tortilla producer of our customers, consumers and employees.

Our mission
  • Quality: to offer irresistible quality at an ambitious price.
  • Smart: to build close cooperation with customers to share insights and discover growth opportunities.
  • Consistency: to be consistent in what we are and what we do; every day, for every tortilla and every product we sell.
Our strengths

We are convinced that Mexma Food offers added value thanks to:

  • Product control: Mexma Food works with Dossche Mills, one of the largest European players in the wheat market. This collaboration guarantees product control from field to customer.
  • Production facility: an advanced production facility that guarantees superior products & smart product development.
  • Quality: Our business and production processes are IFS higher-level certified. Our production process as a whole is managed by means of HACCP tracking.
Personal word from our CEO

Since its foundation in 2007, Mexma Food has had only one goal: to make the best tortillas for its customers. Over the years, we have developed into a true specialist, and we have become a gold standard producer for the private label of retailers. We also offer our food service customers a product range that meets their needs. As a young player in our industry, we pride ourselves on modern and high-performance production equipment, as well as on our short decision lines and distinctive product innovations. That is why this website is dedicated to these innovations, in hopes of involving you even more in the world of wraps.

Higher-level IFS certificate

Mexma Food has an IFS higher-level certificate. IFS (International Featured Standards Food) shows that Mexma Food focuses on quality and food safety of both processes and products. The certificate can be downloaded here. In addition to IFS, we also have the RSPO certificate and Halal and Kosher certificates for part of our product range.