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Mexma is Quality,  Mexma is Smart,  Mexma is Consistency

Mexma Food produces flour tortillas and tortilla based food solutions

Our Vision:

Be the favourite Tortilla Company for our Customers, Consumers and Employees.

Our Mission:

  • Quality
    Offer irresistible quality at an aggressive price level.
  • Smart
    Create in-depth customer partnerships, where insights are shared and growth opportunities unveiled.
  • Consistency
    Be consistent in what we are and what we do; every day, every tortilla and every product we sell.

Our Strenghts:

We are convinced that Mexma Food offers you added value, more specifically through:

  • Product control
    Mexma Food has a partnership with Dossche mills, one of the biggest European players in the flour market. This guarantees product control from the seed to the shelf. Please visit
  • Production facility
    State of the art production facility which guarantees superior products.
    Smart product development.
  • Quality

    Our plant and production processes are BRC-A level and IFS Foundation certified. The entire production process is managed under HACCP tracking.

Mexma Food produces and distributes flour tortillas and tortilla based food solutions. Our product range consists of tortilla wraps, either fresh or frozen, dinner kits and tortilla chips. We also offer complementary products like Mexican salsas, seasoning mixes and taco shells.

Our It’za product range consists of various TexMex products whilst our Mexma Food brand is aimed at the retail bread section and serves our food service customers. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to discover more about our specific products.

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